Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekends are fun!

Have been teaching swimming during weekends, and I'm enjoying it!
I do teach small children, and they made my day!
Anyone interested in learning, please do let me know okay? We do conduct adult classes too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Upside down

One meal for me a day is more than enough. If I had told you that I'm not hungry and would not like to eat, do not force me yeah. Eating sometimes just make me wanna puke, Gosh! What has happened to me? I really have no idea at all.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm old in the body!

I'm just a 20 years old girl, and I do feel that I'm having the body of a 30 years old woman, my whole body is aching like crazy nowadays. I think I need a massage like seriously! Perhaps my whole body is really tired with the hectic schedules of my life recently, I think I have not taken a good real break or rest for the past 2 years plus, because my course do not permit me to take a good long rest!

I'm now feeling so jealous of those friends of mine that have so long break, like 3 months break, that they can enjoy until the maximum, and when I only have 'ehem ehem...' pathetic 2 weeks break in the interval of 6 months once?
Shit, I promised not to grumble and complain anymore, I'm just too tired, and I need to vomit everything out on my blog okay? I'm just an ordinary human.

I wish and hope and wish and hope that I can have a good vacation or getaway or maybe a small break, so that I can feel the 'peaceful-ness' , while trying my best to get away from the hectic city with the hectic life that I have.

I want to go the beach and relax myself like there's no tomorrow to worry about, or perhaps somewhere nearby where I can breathe in fresh cool air. Yeah!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Days that are tough are not to be mentioned please.

Yesh, as you can see from the title above, my days are becoming more challenging, by the way, 'challenging' is the right word to use right?, and not torturing right?
I need a positive mind now, to encourage me in my next papers, without the motivation, I have no idea what will happen to me.

Dear friends, if I have neglected you guys, sorry yeah!
Please understand me as I have so little time with so much of materials to study for my finals.
Yeah, I'm now preparing for my MOCK and my finals, you guys must be saying preparing so early, and I'm a 'kiasu' right? haha....I would rather prepare early for my exam than preparing it last minute! I cannot take last minute stress and pressure, I shall spread out the stress and pressure during the early period of the semester!

Okay, I'm still waiting for my Nokia E5 lah, hopefully one of these days, it will drop down from heaven right? hahahaha....I'm day-dreaming lolx. and and and my Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream' album, that has candy-like scent on the CD, OMG! just imagine me smelling the CD all the time, hahahaha....kind of horny lah.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moments to be happy!

Look at the picture, and say I need it...hahahaha...

I'm super glad and thankful that I have made through the 3 papers that I took for my finals, last semester! Thank God for being so kind to me, and answered all my 3 prayers...

To treat myself for the achievement, I have decided to buy myself a new handphone, haha....would like to get the Nokia E5, it's a new model, although mum is like 'why do u need a new handphone ah?, ur handphone is usable right?' , and I was like, ya, but then I want to treat myself, so I will work harder, a motivation lolx.'..hahahaha...

Friday, June 4, 2010


Although I'm now super tired that I can feel that my body is super weak, studying for my finals!......,

So, it will be very kind enough for the time to stop for a moment, so that I can breathe some 'relax air'.....then continue studying again!

...but once thing for sure!! I will never never never ever give up in my life!...because we live in this earth to make sure that we did our very best in everything, so that we will not regret later on....RIGHT DEAREST FRIENDS?
So, everybody let's work hard and smart and the most important thing-->we must always believe in ourself no matter what happen in life, to achieve our goals yeah!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running out of time...

Finals is in two weeks time and I'm still here blogging, perhaps this post will be my last post, I shall resume blogging after my finals.
I can feel the pressure and the stress, it's just so 'I don't know how to describe' lolx.
I promise myself that I will study 24/7 yeah!
Lock myself in my room and never see the outside world, I will do that until my finals are over, because I admit that I'm so desperate for a pass or even scoring high marks for every papers!
Desperation, self-discipline and believing in yourself are the main motivation factors towards success people!

There's another thing, other than my studies that are still bugging me, I just don't understand 'some' friends nowadays, they are just super weird. I shall not care so much though, because I really cannot read their mind, I'm not a superwoman okay, I'm just an ordinary human living on this Earth.
To who that may concern and also the person that will never ever get the chance to read this post, I will forgive you if YOU are really sincere in asking for a forgiveness, because everybody is given a chance to be forgiven for their mistake, at least once!...but you made me angry and disappointed twice, how?
Can you imagine when you have respect and think that the person is really a good friend at the highest level of ratings that cannot be rated anymore, and in just a few seconds, everything came crashing down like nobody business, it is just like something that fell from 10 feet high, that feeling is just so disappointed, do you know that?

Another thing that is just so important in life. To build a trust and faith in a person just take so much effort and time, but a painful incident is enough to lose the trust and faith that you have build in that person.